Sunday, October 11, 2015

MCGI Ang Dating Daan Bible Exposition


July 08, 2016  6:30PM Philippines Local Time, in all Ang Dating Daan-MCGI coordinating centers.
Click here to check your local time of the event. 
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unity Run Kuwait - Kahit Isang Araw Lang

Unity Run in Kuwait City will be held on Friday, January 20 2012.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daniel Razon wants to bring back glory of Radio

Here's an article about Brother Daniel Razon's insights about the good old radio broadcasting. Click here to visit the article.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Songs for the Broken Heart


    Visit here to stream listen the songs.
  1. Every Time You Go Away - Paul Young.mp3
  2. How  Am I Supposed To Live Without You - Michael  Bolton.mp3
  3. I  Wont Hold You Back - Toto.mp3
  4. I  Couldn't Ask for More - Edwin McCaine.mp3
  5. I've  Been Waiting For You - Guys Next Door.mp3
  6. Bakit  Ngayon Lang - Bodjie's Law of Gravity.mp3
  7. Love Will Lead You Back - Taylor Dayne.mp3
  8. Classic (New Version) - Adrian Gurvitz.mp3
  9. I Can Wait Forever - Air Supply.mp3
  10. Ann - Bread.mp3
  11. Forever - Kenny Loggins.mp3
  12. Out Here On My Own - Irene Cara.mp3
  13. If  Only For The Moment Girl - Steve Perry.mp3 
  14. Open Arms - Journey.mp3
  15. Missing You - Steve Perry.mp3
  16. Lost Without Your Love - Bread.mp3
  17. UnBreak My Heart - Toni Braxton.mp3
  18. Paminsan-Minsan  - Richard Reynoso.mp3
  19. Broken Hearted Me - Anne Murray.mp3
  20. I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner.mp3
  21. Missing You - John Waite.mp3
  22. Love Will Lead You Back - Taylor Dayne.mp3
  23. Classic - Adrian Gurvitz.mp3
  24. Cant Fight This Feeling - Reo Speedwagon .mp3
  25. Even If - Joey Albert.mp3
  26. If Anybody Had A Heart - John Waite.mp3
  27. You Should Know By Now - Angeka Bofill.mp3
  28. Give Me A Chance - Ric Segreto.mp3 
  29. The End Of The World - John Cougar Mellencamp.mp3
  30. Naturally - Huey Lewis and the News.mp3

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Peoples Choice Awards - Brother Eli Soriano Finalist

    Past winner Brother Eli Soriano's blog ( is once again finalist under Blog category for the's 12th Peoples Choice Award. Other finalists like Ang Dating Daan's Members Church of God International under Corporations, Foundations and Organizations category; Brother Daniel Razon under Personal category and UNTV TV37 DWAO under News, Zines and Entertainment category. Voting ends before the awards night on April 11, 2011.

    Saturday, June 6, 2009

    25 Reasons To Say I Don't - Melinda P. Magsino

    This is the ecard version of Miss Melinda P. Magsino's "Reasons to Say I Don't" article published July 15 1999 on Young Blood section Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    The ecard was specially created for Miss Amelia "Amy" Ladaga. 
    For Windows users, click here to download the ecard.

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    UNTV 37 Live Webcast

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    INC Manalo - Suriin Natin videos

                                           - click the title to download video -

    1. Contradicting and erroneous claims by ministers of the Iglesia ni Cristo about the true deity of our Lord Jesus Christ sn15-128
      2. Can the Iglesia ni Cristo claim that its present head is the last messenger of God in the last day sn17-128

      3. Iglesia ni Cristo’s belief that there is no God who give birth sn12-128

      4. An analysis of the ordination of Mr. Felix Manalo as Head Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo sn18-128

      5. Call to Arms of the Muslim world against Ang Dating Daan by Mr. Felix Manalo’s apologists sn23-128

      6. Debate of ADD worker vs INC Ministers sn22-128

      7. God’s Last Messenger Felix Manalo or EraƱo Manalo sn11-128

      8. INCM PAG-IRAL 1914 sn5-128

      9. INCM Pasugo VS. Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo’s SEC registration sn4-128

      10. Is it true that there were no faithful Christian left in the Church of God after Christ’s death sn13-128

      11. Part 1 Ano ang Tunay na Pangalan ng Iglesia sn1-128

      12. Part 2 Ano ang Tunay na Pangalan ng Iglesia sn2-128

      13. Several financial contributions and donations that burdened Members of the iglesia ni cristo sn3-128

      14. The belief of the Church of Felix Manalo that Christ is not True God Part I sn6-128

      15. The belief of the Church of Felix Manalo that Christ is not True God Part II sn7-128

      16. The Contradictory and Incoherent Doctrines of Mr. Felix Manalo against the Strong and Bible-based Doctrines of Brother Eli sn20-128

      17. The ordination of Mr. Felix Manalo as presiding head minister of Iglesia ni Cristo sn16-128

      18. The real state of being of our Lord Jesus Christ against the Belief of the Iglesia ni Cristo that Christ is Merely Human sn8-128

      19. The truth behind the belief of Mr. Felix Manalo that he is the Angel who figured in the book of Revelation sn9-128

      20. Why ministers of the Iglesia ni Cristo did not report its many offerings and donations sn14-128

      21. Why the apologists of the Iglesia ni Cristo resorted to character assassination of Bro. Eli Soriano sn21-128

      22. Why the executive minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo founded by the late Felix Manalo would not appear for religious debate sn19-128

      23. Why the Iglesia ni Cristo of Mr. Felix Manalo believed the Church founded by Jesus Christ disappeared after the time of the Apostles’ sn10-128

      Friday, April 3, 2009

      Cruisin Love Songs

      Cruisin Disc 1
      01. first love
      02. maybe this time 
      03. bluer than blue
      04. just tell me you love me
      05. all my life
      06. don't give up on us
      07. you take my breath away
      08. longer
      09. simply jessie
      10. i'll always love you
      11. if i keep my heart out of sight
      12. is it okay if i call you mine
      13. i won't last a day without you
      14. i don''t want to lose your love
      15. if you walked away
      16. only one
      17. you are everything
      18. every now & then
      19. born to love you
      20. hiding inside myself
      21. fallin'

      Cruisin Disc 2
      01. I dont want to lose you
      02. Too shy to say
      03. The old song
      04. Please dont ask me
      05. Forever
      06. I go crazy
      07. Whats forever for
      08. Getting to know each other
      09. Very special love
      10. Old photographs
      11. Tonight i give in
      12. People alone
      13. Suddenly its magic
      14. On the wings of love
      15. Spend the night
      16. Two occassions
      17. Tender love
      18. Half crazy
      19. If ever youre in my arms again

      Cruisin Disc 3
      01. through the years
      02. something new in my life
      03. more than just the two of us
      04. starlight express
      05. more than you'll ever know
      06. exchange of hearts
      07. maybe
      08. i'm never gonna give you up
      09. take me now
      10. you are so beautiful
      11. love is all that matters
      12. love's grown deep
      13. for all we know
      14. terminal
      15. speechless
      16. leader of the band
      17. danny's song
      18. laughter in the rain
      19. take this love
      20. swept away

      Cruisin Disc 4
      01. dance with me
      02. sweet baby
      03. taxi dancing
      04. i'd still say yes
      05. so much in love
      06. what do we mean to each other
      07. when i'm gone
      08. if you remember me
      09. please don't stop remembering
      10. tell me that you love me
      11. one friend
      12. that's the way of friends
      13. you should know by now
      14. love me for what i am
      15. live without your love
      16. think i'm in love again
      17. changes in my life
      18. one in a million you
      19. i'll always stay in love this way

      Download: Soooon